Phoenix Bright has the experience and capabilities to build your web site with WordPress, the best content management system out there. From designing and building your WordPress theme to installing, setting up, and even hosting your site, here is a sampling of what we offer.

Theme Customization

Already have a theme picked out from another theme developer such as Theme Forest or any of the free WordPress themes? Does it require some customization to make it fit your web site’s brand? No problem. Phoenix Bright can customize your pre-purchased themes.

Custom Theme Development

Browsed the countless number of free and for-purchase themes and haven’t found what you’re looking for? No problem. Phoenix Bright can work with you to design a theme that fits your web sites needs and develop that theme into an install-ready package ready to be uploaded and setup in your WordPress installation.

Installation & Setup

We know that WordPress advertises as a quick, five-minute install. And it is a slick installation process. However, some experience is required to know how to setup your database and web host and upload the files. Using the best-of-bread plugins and configurations, we will get your web site running with the best performance and security as well as search engine optimization (SEO). Phoenix Bright can assist with this process and get your WordPress web site all ready to be loaded with your content. All you will need to do is start writing!


Don’t have a place to host your WordPress site? No problem. Phoenix Bright can host your web site and even assist with registering and configuring that awesome domain name.