Which is cheapest? Six 12 ounce cans of soda for 2.99? Or a 1 liter bottle for 1.49? Find out! Use the Cheapest price comparison app to save money at the store when comparing two products.

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Price comparison made easy! Sometimes the price per unit is provided by the store. Sometimes it isn’t. And sometimes the product is on sale and the cost per unit on the store label is inaccurate. Use this app to calculate which of two products is the cheapest and save some money along the way.


Using the Cheapest app cannot be easier.

  1. Enter the price, quantity and size of the first product and select a unit of measure in the left column
  2. Do the same for the second product in the right column
  3. Tap “Calculate!”
  4. The price comparison is computed and the cheapest product column will be highlighted in green
  5. Shake the device to clear the values to start over

Cheapest for Android Price Comparison App Cheapest for Android Price Comparison App


  1. Start over with a clean slate by shaking the device like an etch-a-sketch.
  2. The Cheapest app already knows if you are comparing volume, weight, or length. The available units in the right column will be automatically filtered to the type of unit selected in the left column.
  3. Don’t have a unit of measure? For example, a bag of 12 apples vs. a bag of 20 apples. Simply use the “item” unit of measure to compare, well, apples to apples.
  4. A sound is played every time a calculation is made. This can be turned off by tapping the menu button, selecting “Settings”, and then unchecking the “Play Sound” preference.

Bugs, Suggestions, Compliments?

Send us a message to let us know what you think. We tried to keep the application as simple as possible. We welcome any bug reports, suggestions, or even compliments.